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A hitchhikerā€™s guide to navigating the funk multiverse

Q4 2021
The CyberFunks party starts
  • The CyberFunks project was announced to the world & Metaverse, bringing our origin story to the masses
  • Our beautiful and loyal community is growing rapidly with new Souldiers joining Twitter & Discord every day
  • Our PR team establishing partnerships within the music industry and other NFT projects
Q1 2022
Our Funk Legends will be born
  • CyberFunks hit the Solana dance floor on February 25th. Shove that in your calendar and smoke it!
  • Souldiers sing their hearts out in weekly karaoke competitions & giveaways are revealed
  • Listings on NFT calendar sites and major Solana NFT Marketplaces will be confirmed
  • The very first NFT record label will be created in the Solana Metaverse! We hope you're ready to make history with us
  • Rarity list and naming event will be announced post drop
Q2 2022

"Funk never has a bear market" CyberFunks are trying to revolutionise the way artists, labels, and audience interact through blockchain. Just take a look at this art... Too good to pass up!


The Soul Train keeps rolling
  • Our eagerly awaited DiscoDAO will be revealed!
  • Consultation will begin with our holders to discuss the initial trajectory of the record label and voting will begin to decide our first moves in the market
  • Our PR team will finalise partnerships within the music industry to increase utilities
  • Further community events, competitions & giveaways will be revealed!
Q3 2022
Our first Record Label signing
  • WAGMIĀ Records will announce plans for a 2nd project
  • Our first Record Label signing will be revealed
  • Free tickets to real life music events for all Holders!
and beyond
The future is funky šŸ”®
  • Multiple WAGMI Records NFT collections bring their unique styles to soundclashes
  • The team buy some real estate in Decentraland. Grab a drink and a boogie at one of our live events!

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